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Sailing is the perfect activity regardless of whether you are looking for an experience together, or if you need to find new ways of working as a team. Out Sailing Events offers you the opportunity to experience Stockholm's stunning archipelago on board our large 51-foot sailboats. We tailor our approach based on your wishes. You need no previous sailing experience, our experienced skipper is responsible for safety on board.

Sailing is suitable for all. For colleagues who want to do something fun together, strengthening ties or finding new ways to cooperate.
The friends or family who want to experience something new. Maybe challenge each other in an exciting Match Race.
You decide where you want to embark and how long you want to be out. Why not make the trip to your final destination more than just a
transport? Use the sailboat to the conference, Christmas dinner or feast days. Gather the gang and give the bride and groom, the anniversary or the one who "has everything" a different kind of gift - what fits better than an experience with friends and family?
Our boats take up to 12 people so there is plenty of room.
You give us your requirements, we give you an extraordinary experience.
We sail year round in all weather. Each season has its charms. For more information, you are welcome to call, email or visit our website at www.out.se

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Tel: 08-6180080
E-mail: out@out.se
web: www.out.se

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